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The development and construction of campgrounds / campsites at Mainprize Park began 1995 and has been ongoing. This area was treeless when we started and with the help of campers, cabin owners, R.M.'s, numerous volunteers and corporate equipment, our campgrounds have grown and matured along with the trees.
Today we have 200 sites plus 18 in overflow.
The addition of a new playground facility in 2007, just west of camp ‘A’, and another in 2015 between camp "B" and 'C' have been a real attraction for many families who visit the Park. Services provided are as follows:
  • Fire receptacle and tablephoto 1 11
  • Clean bathrooms and shower bldg.
  • Daily garbage pickup
  • Regular maintenance & mowing of grass
  • Twin lane R.V. dumping station with rinse hose and two fresh water hoses
  • Laundromat located at "Bentwood Rental Kabins"
  • A walking trail that borders campgrounds "A", "B', 'C" and 'E'
  • State of the art playground facilities just west of camp ‘A’ and between camp 'B' and 'C'.
  • Wood for sale at Park Entry building and the store located at the boat launch
  • Security checks for 11 P.M. quiet time
  • Reservations accepted on a credit card only: $5.00 reservation fee plus the first night camping fee (48 hour cancellation policy)
  • Park Entry Bldg. 306-458-2865 (in season)
  • Administration Office 306-458-2362 (off season)
Campground "A"
  • 46 full service R.V. sites (30/50 amp power, sewer and water)
  • These sites all sold on a seasonal and equity basis
Campground "B"
(overnight / short term sites)
  • 10 sites with slab partitions - 2 sites are pull through (30 amp power and water)
  • 11 sites - 30 amp electrical only
  • 12 sites - 20 amp electrical only
Campground "C"
  • 27 full service R.V. sites(30 amp power, sewer and water)
  • These sites are sold on a seasonal and equity basis
Campground "D"
  • 28 full service R.V. sites(30 and 50 amp power, sewer and water)
  • These sites all sold on an equity agreement
Campground "E"
  • 24 full service R.V. sites(30 and 50 amp power, sewer and water)
  • These sites all sold on an equity agreement
  • 4 overnight group camping sites (30 amp power and water)
Campground "F"
  • 20 full service R.V. sites(30 and 50 amp power, sewer and water)
  • These sites all sold on an equity agreement
Campground "G"
  • 24 full service (30 amp power, sewer and water) 
  • These sites all sold as equity agreement campsites 
photo 2 8

Because of the Park's long waiting list of families who wish to have a full season campsite here and today's inflated cost of constructing a full service campground, a new program was established between the Park and families desiring a site called the "Equity Agreement". the process under this agreement is as follows:

  1. The family forwards the Park $20,000.00 to have a site contructed for them.
  2. The yearly fee remains in place, payable May 1st of each year.
  3. An agreement (not a lease) is signed with the Park.
  4. When and if you decide to vacate your site, you have the option to sell your equity position, plus your improvements to whomever you wish without going to the waiting list.
  5. You do not sell the land, you are selling your equity position plus improvements. The land belongs to the Park.
  6. Criteria is in place to control the size and placement of out buildings, fence construction, deck size, tree planting and parking.
  7. Tenants are allowed to leave their R.V. and out buildings in the site over the winter.
  8. For further information call Allan or Lorraine @ : 458-2362.

Completion date for next "Equity Agreement" campground is yet to be determined and the sites will be completed with the following services:

  • fully serviced sites with room for expansionphoto 4 5
  • Power pedastals containing metered 50 AMP & 15 AMP, 30 AMP & 15 AMP receptacles
  • Potable water and full sewer hook ups
  • Access to raw water hook up (irrigation) for planting grass and trees
  • Gravel bed for your R.V. and gravelled access road
  • These are new sites requiring grass and trees, so we are asking the new tenants to be patient in the developing years. Choice of lots is established in the order the contruction fee arrives in the office

Overflow Camping

  • 2 sites with 30 amp electrical only
  • 12 sites with 15 amp electrical only
  • 4 sites - non-serviced
  • The overflow sites are not located in the main campground area. Campers will have to drive back to the campground to use the shower facility.
For campsite bookings, Reservations or Information call:
Park Entry bldg.: 306-458-2865 (in season)
Admin. office.: 306-458-2362 (off season)
Fax: 306-458-2363
Email Infomation HERE


  1. To book a campsite, you must be 21 years of age or older and must reside in the camping unit within that site for the number of nights stated on the camping permit. A picture I.D. may be required for proof of age. As the registered camper, you are responsible for the actions and behavior of your guests.
  2. Booking Policy: A $5.00 non refundable reservation fee per site / per unit at time of booking. Reservations will only be accepted with a valid credit card. Any changes in your reservations will generate a new reservation fee.

      2. (a)   Long Term Bookings (minimum 7 days & over): accepted January 1st of the present year.

      2. (b)   Short Term Bookings (under 7 days): accepted January 15 of the present

                  year. We will take your reservation before January 15th but will not

                  guarantee you a specific site until January 15th.

* Minimum 3 day booking on long week ends

      2.  (c)   Cancellation Policy:

* Minimum 48 hrs. notice on short term camp site bookings (under 7 days not including long week ends). Penalty: 1 night charged to your credit card

* Minimum 7 days notice on long term bookings (7 days or more) and long week ends. Penalty: 2 nights charged to your credit card

      3.      Maximum of 4 adults per site, children not included. Camper unit must have sufficient sleeping room. The name and address of the person registering the site and the names of the other people residing with them will be recorded on the camping permit. Picture I.D. will be needed for proof of identity. Children under the age of 18 and still living at home are allowed to set up a tent in the same lot as their parents.

      4.      Maximum of 1 tent per campsite. Children under the age of 18 and still living at home are allowed to set up a tent in the same lot as their parents.

      5.      QUIET TIME: After 11:00 P.M. ONLY NAMES REGISTERED ON THE CAMPING PERMIT will be allowed to remain in the site.

      6.      12:00 Noon is check out time and check in time is 3:00 P.M. If the site is left in an unacceptable manner, it will be cleaned and the registered camper will be charged for the cleanup.

      7.      Upon entering the Park, you must purchase a day pass for each day you are in the Park. Refusing to stop at a manned Park Entry gate to purchase a day pass or using the park exit route to get by the entry gate without paying, will result in immediate eviction.

      8.      Any intentional littering or abuse of the bathroom / shower facilities and / or the playground equipment will lead to immediate eviction. No defacing or destroying of any signs, trees, or other property. Lighting of fires “ONLY” in receptacles provided. (ABOLUTELY NO GARBAGE, BOTTLES, CANS DIAPERS ETC. in fire receptacles)

      9.      Excessive speed or driving recklessly within the Park will not be tolerated. Posted speed limit is 30 K.P.H. on Park roads, 30 K.P.H. through the subdivisions and 15 K.P.H in the campgrounds. The use of ALL TERRAIN vehicles and trail bikes is prohibited by non seasonal campers within the Park boundaries. To operate a power cart within the Park, you must be 16 years of age and carry a valid drivers license. Power carts not equipped with legal headlights and taillights are not to be driven after dusk.

      10.     ABSOLUTLY NO CLEANING OF FISH IN THE CAMPGROUND. Clean your fish at the filleting shack located in the launch area.

      11.     Please put garbage in the dumpsters located throughout the campgrounds.

      12.     Driving & parking in designated areas only. No parking of vehicles or boats on the road ways or on maintained grass between sites.                                                                                           

      13.      All pets must be leashed at all times. Excessive noise will not be tolerated.

14.      Noise, loud music and walking between sites with alcohol will not be tolerated.

15.       Any dumping of grey water or septic in any area of the Park other then the R.V. disposal site will result in automatic and immediate eviction.


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