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The Lake

Objective of the Rafferty Dam Project (in conjunction with the Alameda Dam)lake1
  • Storage and flood control for the city of Minot, North Dakota
  • Water source for the Shand Power Station in Estevan
  • Recreational opportunities for all residents, including our American neighbors to the south
Source Waters & Direction of Flow
  • The Souris River, The Roughbark River and the Jewell River
  • The point at which these rivers meet and enter the Rafferty is where Mainprize Regional Park is located
  • There is also a canal connecting Boundary Dam ( located near Estevan) and the Rafferty Dam. When the spring run off from the Long Creek River fills the Boundary Dam, the excess can be diverted via a canal into Rafferty.lake2

Water released from Rafferty continues down the Souris River... joins up with the Moose Mountain River securing water released from the Alameda Dam flows across the Canadian / USA border as the Mouse River... through Lake Darling and on to the city of Minot, North Dakota... hooks a northerly direction back up into the province of Manitoba where it eventually winds its way north and empties into the Hudson Bay

Reservoir Specs at Full Supply Level

55 kilometers (35 miles) long and 1.2 kilometers (3/4 of a mile) wide
Runs in a northwest / southeast direction between the photo 2 5cities of Weyburn & Estevan
Largest body of water in the southeast corner of the province
Full supply is reached at 549.5 meters of elevation
Varies in depth from 7.5 meters (25 ft.) at the source where the Park is located to 16.9 meters (55 ft.) at the dam near Estevan
Area covered by water is 4,800 hectares (12,000 acres)
Storage capacity 439,600,000 cubic meters (97 billion gallons)
Access for Anglers and Recreational Boaters
  • Boat launch at Maniprize Regional Park (launch fee of $10.00 / day or $45.00 / season payable at the entry gate)
  • concrete 4 place launch with 2 piers and street light for loading after dark
  • large graveled parking lot
  • bathroomsphoto 4 6
  • filleting shack with power and running water
  • store with all amenities
  • Boat launch west of the dam at Estevan

The reservoir, the river systems that enter it and the numerous forged bays and inlets have not only created a getaway for adventure-seekers but also a santuary for many species of water fowl, prairie land birds and wildlife. Canoeists that have made day trips back into the shallows claim they have "literally touched nature by the hand".

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