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Rafferty Reservoir lake view at sunset

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Where Oil, Wheat, and Recreation Meet

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Discovering Mainprize Regional Park

Mainprize Regional Park, which sits on the northwest shoreline of Rafferty Reservoir amidst Saskatchewan's oil patch, was named in honour of the late Doctor William Graham Mainprize. Visitors often describe the park as an oasis amidst the flat grainfields, rocky grasslands, and numerous pump jacks, appearing as if it were dropped from the sky.

Doctor William Graham Mainprize

Dr. William Mainprize dutifully served the Midale area for 54 years. The man was known for his resourcefulness, always finding a solution where others found only obstacles.

Dr. Mainprize was a brilliant doctor and engineer who graduated as the youngest person ever from the University of Toronto's medical program. Despite his success, he chose to settle in Midale, where he served the town and surrounding areas for over 50 years. Known affectionately as "Doc" by generations of locals, he was a dedicated and pioneering doctor who went above and beyond for his patients, often traveling long hours by horse or sleigh to attend to their needs.


In addition to his medical duties, Doc inspired and encouraged the community to develop and become better. As a testament

to his lifetime of selfless service,

the town of Midale and surrounding areas named a park after him in 1959.

Dr William and Helen Mainprize.jpeg

Doctor William Graham and Helen Mainprize

'Where others found excuses he found a way'


Mainprize Regional Park is located in south east Saskatchewan. Our park is adjacent to the Rafferty Reservoir, which is a 55 km long body of water created by the building of the Rafferty Dam just west of Estevan. We are located near the communities of Midale, Halbrite, Estevan and Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Halbrite, SK - 18 km south on Highway 39 using Grid 705.

Midale, SK - 14 km west on Highway 606 adjacent to the Rafferty Reservoir. 

Weyburn, SK - 45 km south east on Highway 39 then Grid 705.

Estevan, SK - 60 km north east on Highway 39 to Midale then Highway 606 adjacent to the Rafferty Reservoir.


Regina, SK - 160 km south east.

Minot, North Dakota - 250 km north west.

Latitude: 49.37532° N
Longitude: -103.5881° W


Park Gate
May 5 - September 5

Monday - Sunday

Call for hours of operation

Golf Course
May 15 - October 1

Monday - Sunday

Call for hours of operation

Contact Us


Park Admin Office

(306) 458-2362 ext. 4

Park Admin Office is open Wednesdays 8am to 3pm 

General Manager

Michelle Walsh

(306) 458-2362 ext. 6

Assistant Manager

Becky Ferguson

(306) 458-2362 ext. 5

Events & Socials Liaison

Suzanne Kuchinka

Golf Course

Golf Course Clubhouse

(306) 458-2452

Golf Course Superintendent

Jeff Busch

(306) 458-2362

Golf Course Restaurant

(306) 458-2776

Lodging & Stores

Park Entry

(306) 458-2865

Bentwood Kabins

(306) 861-8414

The Dam Store

(306) 458-2225

Prairie Pro Outfitters

(306) 461-8353

Employment Opportunities

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